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SH babies mix part 7

Part 7 to my SH baby comic. It's been forever from part 6..... Finally I have time to continu this comic and I really enjoy drawing this. : ) I draw some panels before christmas when I did have Inet still and others in this month soooo if they look difrent I'm sorry ~~
And sorry for my english again ~~

Part 1 HERE
Previous HERE


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It's been a while : C

I’m sorry that I haven’t been in Livejournal… (or actually ANYWHERE) in months : ( But I’ve been homeless like 4 months now and I’m okay, I can stay with my dad’s place, friends place and now I’m staying my boyfriends apartment but the problem have been (and STILL IS) that I don’t have scanner ,my drawing tools or working Inet with me while I have been homeless, ‘cause all my staff are in storage :< So I just couldn't post anything here...

So yeah… my Inet was really slow so it couldn’t handle tumblr or livejournal :( Now I have kinda good internet but I still don’t have my drawing stuff or scanner…. My boyfriends apartment is very small heh. Well I do have my new drawing tablet so I can do pics in my SAI or Photoshop.

I just wanna say how sorry I am if you have tried to contact me or ask me something or anything : ( I have missed my friends in livejournal but what can I do without working Inet… or home... or anything. heh.

I've got 770 messages in livejournal... I'm trying to read them all but I wil take a time and some messages won't open somereason? And some of you have ''private settings'' in here so I can't send you a note back : ( so Ian Ling and [info]kaizo_konpaku 
It''s okay with credits to use those pics with your stories, and I'd like too see them when they are ready.

But now I have inet and I'm back kinda. I'm still posting most of my art in my TUMBLR and there is Sherlock Holmes tag where you can wind only SH pics.
I will post my Sherlock Baby Comics still here and sometimes I will do art spam or something like that. ~~ But most of my art is in my tumblr.

I'm so sorry guys that I've been away for so long :C I love your comments, I appreciate every comment and birthday wishes what I've got.. You are amazing. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Love you all. <3



Random pixel pictures~~ I'm in my dad's place and I can't use photoshop or do commissions 'cause my hands is shaking a lot today and I don't know why : / I just don't wanna ruin any commission so I'll do them tomorrow.
What I CAN do is draw something in iScribble or.. Sumo paint. My hand shaking don't show so much in pixel art.

But here is some pics ~~ Enjoy.

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Some SPN pics ~~

I have drawn some Supernatural fanart lately too ~~ I realize that I like characters more than the plot.. LOL. XDD Shame? haahaha NO.



Random SH and other pics, again :)

dgnkfnhkgmfjk---! Livejournal have been *ith for me like 4 weeks ::: C I try open my commissions again but it didn't let me! *sob* Well now it's open again and I think LJ has been ass for everyone? Y/N? But anyway, here is little pics what I have done lately : DDD 

And I have been in Tumblr lately and if someone want to watch me there it's http://sadynax.tumblr.com/ ~~ Mostly I reblog random stuff but sometimes my art too :'''D



SH - Mini Tea Comic

John & Sherlock 'My cup of tea' mini comic

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Art Spam~~~~~

Some pics what I have done lately. T v T  I'm so busy bee that I'm gonna explode.

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Jam-John and Sleepyhead ~~

I have listened Sleepyhead - Passion Pit like whole week and last week I did this Jam-John pic for it...   I'm sorry if I have caused brain injury for anyone :: D Sharing is caring


JAM <3


And sorry, I can't really draw anything right now because I have my two big school works to do, hopefully I can draw something in next week ~~